A myth is as an unfounded or false notion.

7Cellars will take you into the red zone to help debunk a few of the more common myths about wine.

From grapes to gridiron, who better to help you set the record straight than the team behind 7Cellars wine including the football legend and proprietor, John Elway. To help you recognize a rookie wine from the hall-of-famer, let’s take it play-by-play.

How important are good legs?

On the gridiron (a football field), good legs can mean running a 40 in under 5-seconds or pinwheeling the football across the goal line for a Super Bowl victory.

When it comes to wine, “legs” refers to the “tears” that drip down the inside of a swirled glass of wine and denote the alcohol content. In simple terms, the thicker and slower the legs move down the glass, the higher the alcohol level. The alcohol content in wine ranges from as low as 5.5% to 23% ABV (alcohol by volume).

Few enthusiasts choose a wine for its alcohol content. But legs are something a discerning wine drinker may want to look for. Such subtleties are part of the charm and mystique of wine and shouldn’t be overlooked or dismissed. There is a hypnotic delight in the swirl of premium wine in a long-stemmed glass. Pour yourself a glass of our Cabernet Sauvignon and see for yourself.

Cork -V- Screw Top

John Elway, number 7 for the Denver Broncos, never walked on the field without a firm-fitting helmet. A 7Cellars wine deserves the same protection, and it comes in the form of a screw cap or cork. It is true that both corks and screw caps preserve and protect a good vintage. But the romance of uncorking a bottle of 7Cellars wine makes the cork our first pick.

White Teamed with Fish – Red Teamed with Meat

Knowing all the rules in the playbook never stopped a good player from calling an audible. When it comes to the rules of wine and food pairing, 7Cellars encourages you to do the same.
Combining your wine knowledge with basic food pairing is fun and recommended. But don’t be afraid to call a trick-play once in a while. Our collection of world-class wines will have you confidently managing your own team of culinary players.

Better with Age?

The grape and the gridiron agree here as well. Each contender, whether off the vine or off the bench, has a lifespan and each reaches maturity at various stages.

There are those who are at their best for a single season, and others who will improve for decades to come.

And then, there are the legends of the game, who may reach their peak at between 37 to 38 years. 7Cellars’ collection includes wines that are destined to be legendary themselves. After all, we’ve learned from the best.

Enjoy 7Cellars Wine

We hope you’ve enjoyed our light-hearted, red-zone debunking that celebrates both sports and spirits. We invite you to subscribe to 7Cellars and get in the game. Follow our wines like you do your favorite team. We want to be a part of your tailgate party and game-day barbecue, as well as that romantic dinner, and that milestone celebration. For all the special moments in your life, explore 7Cellars world-class wines. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect wine for you, your MVP, if you will, with just the right subtleties and nuances to guarantee excellence in every sip.