Stumped on what to do for Halloween this year?

Due to COVID-19, many families are in a pickle on how to entertain their kids while still trying to play it safe. With the colder weather coming in, and coronavirus cases rising, we prefer to air on the side of safety, and partake in these alternative ideas for Halloween this year.

At 7Cellars, we’ve scoured the internet for the most creative, clever, and fun ideas to bring home to your family, and make Halloween 2020 one for the BOOKS.

There are some great sources out there, one of them we found was “8 Alternatives To Trick of Treating During The Covid-19 Pandemic” by Charise Rohm Nulsen.

Some great ideas we found from this article, are below:

1.Spooky Scavenger Hunt
Deck the yard and local neighborhood with spooky nick-knacks, glow in the dark materials, candy, pumpkins, re-purposed Easter eggs and more! Create a list of spooky clues to help your children uncover these “boo-tiful” treasures. Provide a flashlight to make it that much more mysterious, and to help them uncover these objects. They will blast doing so, and is a great way for them to get their candy fix along the way!

2. Halloween Drive-By
Set a time with the local kids in the neighbor to dress up in their costumes, and stand in front of their homes. Adults and older kids can drive by, throwing individually wrapped candy into these children’s yards. A friendly wave, some flash lights, and Halloween music in the background, is sure to get this socially-distanced party started!

3. Spooky Halloween Party
Create a Halloween themed party in the comfort of your home or back yard! Think, Halloween-themed arts and crafts, a pumpkin carving station, candy hunts, a candy apple dipping station, games, ghost stories, and Halloween music cranking in the background. What a great way to re-invent the tradition. Heck, your kid’s might even enjoy this one more!

We loved this idea by Emily VanSchmus from Better Homes & Gardens.
“11 Festive Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Home Instead of Trick-or-Treating”

4. Virtual Costume Contest
This is the best idea we’ve read so far surrounding a virtual Halloween event. What a better place to show off your costume and compete with family and friends than on camera!? Make sure to send the invites out at least a week in advance, giving everyone ample time to plan their costumes accordingly. There could even be a “grand prize” set aside for the winner, that everyone chips in for. Getting ready for this event will be half the fun, and the aftermath of stories, pictures, and screenshots, will keep the excitement going!

We also got a few ideas from this article:
“10 Alternative Halloween Ideas for 2020 – How to Have a Happy Corona-ween!” by Bridgett Raffenberg

5. Halloween Movie Night
Time to crank out the classics with this one. Depending on the age of your kids, may depend on how scary the movies will be. Brdigett Raffenburg mentions some good classics that work great for all ages:

Harry Potter
The Addams Family
Hocus Pocus
Scooby Doo
Room on the Broom
It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

6. Pumpkin Carving Party
This idea, highlights a long-time tradition, but brings it to the forefront of Halloween this year. If you are looking for something simple and timeless this may be how you want to spend Halloween this year. With pumpkin carving as the main attraction, make sure to bring markers, stencils, and extra materials to make it that much more special (think cobwebs, superglue, spiders, eyeballs, and candy corn) Feel free to add to this with other Halloween-themed art and crafts, games, food, music, movies, and more!

Last but not least, 7Cellars came up with their own idea:
7. Build Your Own Haunted House
This makes a fun, creative way to bring the spookiness to your own home or back yard! Use your garage, drive-way, back yard, or the play room in your house to make boxes into a “creepy crawl” that you create with your kids. A smog machine would make it that much more fun, and providing decorations and nick knacks, (i.e skulls, spiders, spiderwebs, tombstones, ghosts, witches, and more) will only add to this creation! Poke hole in the side for creating scary moments! When its all done, take turns in the creepy crawl, spooking your kids, and having them spook you!

We are so excited to share all these ideas with you, and hope you like them. Of course, all of these alternative ideas go hand-in-hand with a glass of wine (for the parents, of course.) That’s why we’re offering you 31% OFF + FREE SHIPPING using promo code: HAPPYHALLOWEN. Click here to use it now, www.7cellars/com/shop – because what’s more 2020 than ordering wine online?

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